What amenities are available at The Harbor Inn?

  • Complimentary breakfast with accommodations for dietary restrictions and allergies upon request
  • One on-site parking space for each room booked
  • Free high-speed internet
  • Available on-site bicycles and games
  • Ice machine and refrigerator for shared guest use on the second floor
  • Self-serve coffee, tea, and bottled water available all hours

Does each room have a private bathroom? A shower?

Yes, each room has a private bathroom and shower. Most of the bathrooms are on the smaller side.

What time is check-in? Check-out?

Check-in time is 3-6pm.  We will make every effort to accommodate earlier arrivals, and are happy to store your belongings in our luggage room.  If your arrival is delayed beyond 6pm, please let us know in advance.  Check-out time is 11am.

Is parking available?

Yes. One off-street parking space is provided for each room. However, our parking area cannot accommodate oversized vehicles like RVs, campers, or buses.

What does a sample breakfast include?

While there is not a set menu for breakfast, dietary restrictions and allergies are always taken into account. Breakfast is 8:30AM-9:30AM daily. See Breakfast for more information.

Can I have an extra person in my room?

Please see our Policies.

Do you have pet-friendly rooms?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept pets into the inn, however, our Sandpiper Cottage does all one pet.

Can I have my room cleaned during my stay?

Every room is cleaned and sanitized prior to check-in. However, as a small B&B we are unable to offer mid-stay cleaning services. We are happy to provide you with fresh towels and remove trash upon request.

How can I book a room at the The Harbor Inn?

Click here to book!

What should I know before I arrive to The Harbor Inn?

Bring your relaxed state of mind. Staying with us is like staying with close friends and family. Please contact us at innkeeper@harborinnkennebunkport with any questions.

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